The New Gods of Azoria

Vraska: The Goddess of Healing and Medicine, Vraska is worshiped in nearly all civilizations in the modern world, and her symbol – that of a branch of barsa leaves (an ingredient commonly used in healing potions) – can be found on many storefronts and medical facilities. Modern people pray to her not in a particular temple, but in the comfort of their homes or at the healer’s or apothecary’s place of business in order to provide healing or hasten the recovery process from injury or illness. Vraska has been said to visit those who are terminally ill, and carry them to Sorin Markov so that they may continue their journey.

Cidolfus: The God of Machines and Technology, Cidolfus is heralded as the great inspiration-giver. When new inventions are presented, many will proclaim “praise Cidolfus,” rather than offer praise to the actual inventor. All technology is said to have spread from Cidolfus visiting brilliant people in their dreams, and giving them insight into how clockwork constructs operate and how to craft them. Cidolfus is worshiped in temples, usually at the command of their government, in order to provide encouragement and ideas to those who are charged with creating new projects.

Sorin Markov: The God of Death, Transition, and Time, Sorin Markov is the conventional and modern idea of the life and death process. Once seen as leaving to another plane, those who worship Sorin Markov now view life and death as a fluid, unending journey; one which continues well after one has expired either on the battlefield, in their homes, or otherwise. Sorin meets with those who have died and shows them a new journey which they must complete, one that will take them away from the mortal perception, and continue in a parallel. Sorin Markov is worshiped in temples and sometimes at the bedside of the dying, in order to provide them with a peaceful transition to the next journey.

Karn: The god of Adventure and Valiance, Karn is often referred to as the “Overseer” of journeymen. Those who depart from the safety of city walls are often bid a “May Karn watch over you,” so that the overseer will provide protection as they cross the wildlands. Karn is also said to give brave adventurers even greater reward in the afterlife, because he is the entity that shapes the continuing journey that Sorin Markov leads them on. Therefore, one’s valiance in battle and in adventure will lead them to even greater adventure in the beyond.

Hahel: Pronounced “Hay-el,” Hahel is the God of the Void, and the bringer of the New Era. Hahel is shrouded in mystery and is often used as a scare tactic in some churches and governments, where the officials attempt to convince the masses of the impending next cataclysmic event. Because of the uncertainty and the overhanging threat of the end of civilization, Hahel is the God of the void – the void being everything unknown and beyond the realm of Azoria. There is no telling how Hahel will bring forth the next era, but many hypothesize that it’ll be another fireball from the skies. Some scholars warn that there isn’t much need to worry about the next cataclysm, but others continue to stress that everyone needs to be on their toes. Thus, Hahel, and the coming of the new age are great topics of debate to confuse entire populations and distract from important governmental issues.

The New Gods of Azoria

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