The Elves of the Craterwood

Near the Southern edge of the continent, there is a forest that thrives in the remains of a great catastrophe. To the unaware, the forest rests in none other than a very large valley. But to those who have taken a moment to view it from a higher vantage point, it has been called the Craterwood. There are none alive who could tell the tale of how the crater came to be, nor are there any records. For those who reside there, the disaster was simply the creation of a home.

There is an Elven tribe that travels along the crater’s lower reaches, and know well how to utilize the sharp cliffs and rocky terrain as cover against any interlopers. With the very harsh Golgaria not more than a hundred miles to the Northwest, there have been several instances of fleeing and relocating. These practices, you all know very well. For this tribe, the Craterwood Elves, are your family.

Each of you have come from different backgrounds, some from the cities, some from kingdoms, and some simply from wandering bands of travelers who could not carry the extra burden of another child. For one reason or another, you have become part of the Elven community. The Craterwood Elves are peaceful, for the most part, but don’t hesitate to give some mild amounts of training in arms and armor or practical skills – just for safety’s sake.

The tribe’s leader, Toruven the Wise, accepts those who are lost, for his philosophy is deeply rooted in Druidic lore and his worship of the Old Gods. After the Cataclysm occurred, and the races of Azoria were left to the winds, the Elven tribes, the Dwarven mining camps, the Human Marauders were all abandoned until the coming of the new era. They are all lost. Toruven is called wise, but to some, he can be easily taken advantage of in his kindness; his door can be left open to many people, and sometimes the wrong people can come in unbeknownst to him.

This is the reason why you’ve come to Azorius, the Great Kingdom of Man. Several rogues who were lost on the roads fell upon the Craterwood Elves’ camp. None of you trusted them, but Toruven believed that they were in much the same situation as the rest of you. However, one night, when all were asleep or in meditation, the rogues made off with nearly all of the trade goods and gold stores that the Elves had accumulated over the last few seasons. Toruven was distraught at this backlash of events, and while he was in his sorrows, his closest friend sent you all as a party to find the rogues. You spent nearly a week searching for them in the crater, but to no success.

Upon your return to the camp, Toruven stepped down as the tribal leader, and his friend replaced him. With the tribe needing goods and the means to do business and remain self-sufficient, along with the more progressive Elf’s need for reintegration, he sent you all, as a party once more, across the plains to Azorius. He had heard many good things about the King’s daughter and her kindness, and knows much of the prosperity of the kingdom from traveler’s tales.

Two weeks are spent travelling with one another, and during that time, you were able to bond, and learn about each other’s lives, habits, codes, and have formed a cohesive adventuring bond as you reach the gates of Azorius.

The Elves of the Craterwood

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