Important People - Azorius

Below is a list of people of import who have been met in Azorius thus far, and a brief description of their character.

Mormont Dupree, Guard Captain of Azorius: The captain of the guard is a 46-year-old human male. He has served the great kingdom of man since he was a child, having risen through the ranks of the city guard under his father, Lionel. As guard captain, his prime directive is strictly the defense of the kingdom and the upholding of the law. He has a good heart, and quite a lot of power at his disposal. However, there are some who would quickly take advantage of his duty to rank and orders, and manipulate him with the laws that he so vehemently clings to. He’ll often be found posting calls for adventurers within the walls of the Sleepy Dragon, or in his office in the Hall of Justice.

Silas and Helga Hillbottom: Silas owns and runs the Frontier Trading Company, with his wife Helga. Both are in their late 50’s, and are heavy-set with years of well-spent profits. Silas will do anything that involves money, and frequently skirts along the borders of the law to get his company business with the councilmen and various other entities. His wife, on the other hand, is often kept in the dark in regards to the company’s seedier dealings. Where Silas may sometimes come off as a crook or an selfish tycoon, his wife makes up for the lack of sensitivity and reason. In fact, Helga can easily be found on most days helping at the local bakery or giving donations to the people of the slums – very much unbeknownst to her husband.

Nigel Nimblefingers: A 35 year old Halfling leader of an organized crime syndicate. The rogue guild, or “The Shifty Daggers,” resides underneath the kingdom of Azorius, in sewers that have been rigged with traps and dangerous vermin. There are several “bases” that the Daggers use to avoid detection, along with safe houses provided by people who support Nigel’s cause. Nigel’s goal is to put people into positions of power to forward his agenda. Despite the bad rep he has, he genuinely wants the good of the people to come first. He fights against the corrupt hand of the council, by circumventing the unjust laws they’ve put into place. He believes there to be a conspiracy against the crown, with the vault under the Trading Co. playing a pivotal part.

Logos, Order of the White Lotus: Logos is a human monk in his late thirties. He is a calm, collected soul, who has great control over his emotions and demeanor. Having lived and trained for many years with the White Lotus, his heart belongs to his order, and when it became attacked, he traversed the Marauder-filled plains to get to Azorius, in search of help. When he spoke with Mormont and the city guard, he was met with the unfortunate reality that there is no help available. When Logos turned to the council to have aid sent to his monastery, he was escorted out of the kingdom’s walls by Pineus’ guards. He believes in a good cause, and fights the good fight, but has received the short end of the stick too often; as a result, his hope in the “great kingdom of man” has greatly diminished.

Important People - Azorius

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