The Sewers of Disdain
The Sewers of Disdain

Beneath the great Azorius
In sewers that would lather us
With stench and smells and filth fever
We crept along sewage river

No rats or traps would finish us
Though Melina was prone to cuss
When rogue would fail, and twice he did
Her great disdain could not be hid

Came empty threats from some of us
But Daggers wanted to discuss
So we did leave, justice bereft
With stolen goods and men of theft

Back to the great Azorius
Divvied the purse, did all of us
Into grim world the knight was thrust
With only us for him to trust

~ Seraphine
Ballad of the Five
The Ballad of the Five

Our small young band of five,
In order to survive,
Gallantly strode
Across the road
To cities that did thrive

Unto the Sleeping Dragon
With no time to raise a flagon
We had no gold
Or so I'm told
Our purse's weight was laggin'

From there to Justice Hall
We answered Mormont's call
And to our best
We kept our jest
Silas' bum and all

Onto the Frontier Trade
And through manure we wade
To see what's left
Of nighttime theft
All while Gregor was laid

We chastised the buffoon
Who fired the old loon
We fled the scene
And those unclean
Our departure none too soon

Our small young band had strode
Many Azorian road
In secret four
Were keeping score
To break the good knight's code!

~ Seraphine

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