Note to Seraphine


While you were out doing whatever it is Halflings do, there was a break-in at the old church. Seeing as how this wasn’t the slums and people cared about the church, a reward was promptly posted to investigate and catch those responsible, which we took. After re-visiting and investigating the church, which was much more pleasant this time around even with the break-in, we tracked the thieving vandal to the slums where he was holed up with his goons in a safe house. Oh yes, a monk going by the name of Logos was with us, he felt he owed the church for letting him stay the night, can’t forget him. To make a short story shorter, we fought our way through the house, and now the slums have one less vandal group running about. The stolen items were returned, we were paid, and Logos told us all a very sad story about some horde invading his homelands. I’ll tell you more when you get back.




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