Seraphine's Letters (date unknown)


(illegible writing)

First, forgive me once again for not writing more regularly, although I have a much better excuse this time. Secondly, forgive me for any smeared ink contained herein, which will be explained shortly.

You see, my new troupe and I were sadly arrested for crimes not wholly our own. You'll remember that we uncovered an evil plot, though most plots are evil it seems. And as we took matters into our own hands, we were sadly robbed of our possessions and dropped off on some terrible island. Honestly, after all we went through, this was a solemn respite... except for the crazed horde and sea hag and all the other manner of things that tried to kill us. Previously, I already single-handedly saved everyone after the marauders blew up the wagon train, but I was thankful to sit this one out a bit. A lady needs her beauty rest, you know.

Anyway, long story short, we eventually find ourselves in this underwater city of Merfolk. I was a bit crabby that my precious diary had been taken (along with all my other pretty things), but even more frustrating was the lack of good paper. Not to mention the difficulty in writing underwater. As I mentioned before, forgive me if any of my writing becomes unclear. Merfolks are not wordsmiths, and honestly I didn't want to be sending you stone tablets. The price of delivery would be horrendous!

In a turn for the better, the Merfolk lavished upon us with many great treasures, some of which I'm planning to sell off in the future for better treasures. Just don't tell the Merfolk I said that. In fact, I completely forgot to mention that the Merfolk here are very much like the ones you told me about previously, if not more scaly than you described. I wonder if you ever spoke to one, and I'm curious how they would sound above water. You have no idea how difficult it is to converse underwater, let alone haggle. The merchants here act like they've never heard of such a thing which is really quite frustrating.

I know you are probably worried about me, and I wanted to write you to let you know things will be okay. Ever since leaving the more civilized world, I have been prone to headaches. But despite these growing pains, I am confident that everything will be alright. My tenacity will not be defeated by some sour spell. Trust that you'll be the first I tell should my condition worsen. But for now, just pray we find fresh air soon; I'm so tired of my skin being so wrinkly.

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