Seraphine's Letters (22 WB465)


22 Winter's Bane, 465 IV

You'll have to forgive my delay in writing to you. I have been traveling recently with a new band, and it's not very easy to be writing letters while sharing horse with a heavily armored friend. While even my chain shirt can be a burden at times, I cannot imagine the sweating heat that must bear down on one such dressed. Thankfully, I've found time to stretch my toes and share with you my latest news before duty calls me back again.

As you know, I've set out for the city of Azorius some time ago. While the elven tribe were good hosts (and provided me all I could need), the open road is still the home for me. Though they have given me many stories to share with you when I return, which I'm sure you would enjoy. Sadly, their tales are never as tall as those overheard in the taverns. And to be quite honest, I've had my fill of elven ale for many years to come.

You'll be surprised to learn I'm the eldest of my current troupe, though I hardly look the part. May even be the wisest, as far as I'm concerned. As long as they're good in a pinch, I'm happy as a halfling that's grown an inch. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that saying, even if I'm past my vertical years. The only thing being tall ever got anyone was a smack from the door frame. Despite their vertical deficiencies, let me elaborate on my fellow adventurers.

Our youngest member is a druid of the old ways. Though really, you'd be hard pressed to find any druids of the new ways... if you catch my drift. I'm sure you are aware of how secretive the order can be, not that I don't have my ways of acquiring my own information. Aleera is her name, though she's not much of a talker.

Speaking of talkers, we've got one who likes to speak with her steel more than her smile. Not that I've seen her smile, mind you. Real quiet type, Melina is. And always carrying quite a bit of gold or so it would seem. I'm sure the rogue is keeping tabs on her purse, but personally I don't mind much of what she does with it. Though she did buy me a pair of leather boots, which my feet will be eternally grateful for.

The more elusive member of our group is Amras, who's proven himself by overcoming a few traps. And by being subject to a few traps, in full disclosure. I guess he's really more of a half-time rogue, given his success ratio. He's yet to be a dead weight... well, at least not for a long while. Aside from his questionable skill mastery, I can't say I know much of him. I imagine that's the way he prefers, though it's fun to strike up a conversation with him behind the others. He even knows my language.

The last member is the armored fellow I mentioned before. A real knight in shining armor, when it's not been in the city sewers for an afternoon. He'd probably be someone right up your alley, though his tongue isn't as silvered as yours. I felt sorry that he wound up with such a disruptive group; there's always that one person who holds to the law steadfastly. I know you understand what I mean. He's got some real good contacts with the higher ups of the city, which has certainly helped us out... particularly with that dead weight problem. I like to jab him a couple times cause of his values, but I promise I'm not being to tough on him. Besides, you can't tell me he has all that heavy, tough armor, if his insides are soft and squishy. Or maybe that's exactly why he's got the heavy armor. I do feel bad for Marshall's horse having to carry all that weight. And before you say anything, you know better than to ask a lady her weight.

As for our courageous and extravagant exploits, sadly we've yet to accomplish more than ridding the city sewers of a rat infestation. We did discover some rogues of questionable alignment making questionable accusations of questionable evildoing. Honestly, there were a lot more questions than answers. For a moment, I thought that Amras was going to betray us when he approached the thieves. Or that we were going to get captured when the knight drew his sword. Actually, I was more concerned with my proximity to the door than anything else that was going on. Always important to know where the door is.

Anyway, some smooth talking on my part walked us out of that conflict and back to civilization, with our entire party in tact I might add. Well, I think Marshall's pride took a bit of a hit... or maybe it was just his honor. Melina hasn't taken a shine to him yet, not that she will for any of us, and Amras is hard to peg down unless you're using a trap. Aleera has kept herself out of the social politics thus far. But you know I always love good theatre, and I've made sure to keep plenty of rations for just the occasion.

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