Questions asked regarding the state of Azorius

These are the questions and the DC checks that Marshall, Melina and Seraphine are asking regarding possible corruption in the city. If anyone wants to add any other people or questions, let me know

Gather info +8, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +10

Bartender at Sleepy Dragon-
19 Gather info:How do you like the city/how do you like the people?
14 Gather info:Any recent changes?
18 Gather info:Any word on the King?
24 Diplomacy:What about Silas?
27 Gather info:What about counsel members?
27 Diplomacy:What about Pineus?
26 Diplomacy:Any other people you think would have any info? (Ask them same questions in same way)

Captain Mormont-
13 Gather info:How is the city/people?
12 Gather info:Any recent changes?
10 Gather info:News on King?
12 Diplomacy:Info on Silas?
22 Gather info:Info on counsel members?
26 Diplomacy:Business and goings on of Frontier Trading Co? Anything suspicious?
27 Diplomacy:Info regarding Pineus?

Bartender at Red Dwarf-
19 Diplomacy:Whats Silas like?
17 Diplomacy:What are the counsel members like?
28 Diplomacy:Any suspicious business with the Frontier Trading Co?
21 Diplomacy:Whats the scoop with Pineus?
25 Diplomacy:Anyone else you think I should talk to? (Ask them same questions in same way)

Poorer Looking Farmer-
22 Diplomacy:Hows the city?
26 Diplomacy:Thoughts on Frontier Trading Co/Silas?
20 Diplomacy:Feelings towards counsel?
15 Diplomacy:Feelings towards Pineus?

Stable Hand-
25 Diplomacy:Hows the city?
23 Diplomacy:Thoughts on Frontier Trading Co/Silas?
16 Diplomacy:Feelings towards counsel?
23 Diplomacy:Feelings towards Pineus?

(Depending on the info I get regarding Silas, Trading Co, Pineus, and counsel)
23 Intimidate:Real business of Frontier Trading Co
28 Intimidate:Real business with counsel
21 Intimidate:Real business with Pineus


Here are some questions Seraphine would likely ask in the seedier locations (likely the Red Dwarf):

Gather Information (quotes in character dialogue)
- “Do you happen to know anything about this band of thieves calling themselves the “Shifty Daggers”?
- “How long have these guys been in the business, if you know what I mean?”
- “They have any recent achievements worth knowing about?”
- “What’s the skinny on their boss, and keep it short!”
- “So how exactly did Nigel got his name? I just want to know if this is something we should be worried about… or excited…”


Rolls using Obsidian Portal roller (at top of webpage)
13+8=21 (1st question)
16+8=24 (2nd question)
11+8=19 (3rd question)
10+8=18 (4th question)
18+8=26 (5th question)


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