Knight's Journal: Disquieting Thoughts and United Faiths

24 Winters Bane

After talking with Nigel Nimblefingers of the Shifty Daggers and learning about the possible corruption of Azorius, I spent several days investigating this claim. To my dismay I discovered there may be some merit to Nimblefingers' allegation. Although it was never blatantly stated, I was able to determine Hillbottoms greed would provide the exact services a corrupt councilman would require to push through his own agenda.

Mideon, an older gentleman who spends his time searching for merfolk down by the wharf, told me about 10 months ago, there was in incident in the docking area by the Trading Co. Mideon said that before there was a dock, there was a wall that lead to the storage area. Pineus and 2 other individuals were seen entering the wall carrying some kind of light that did not emanate from torches. They disappeared into the wall, so Mideon says. Magic is strictly outlawed in Azorius and that is the only way I know how Pineus and and the others would be able to perform such a feat. This is most troubling and I must learn more. Sadly, as Mideon is seen by this community as a loon, I cannot rely on his information alone. I must find solid evidence regarding Pineus' guilt before proceeding.

While investigating I figure I can be of use here, as Captain Dupree seems to be short handed with many of his guards being deployed and stationed away from Azorius. On one particular incident thus far, I'm very grateful to have had the help of my fellow travelers as I'm sure I would not have succeeded on my own, and I hope this may have bridged our faiths.

Father Ethan and 2 of this fellow priests were attacked in broad daylight. The attacker destroyed many holy symbols, stole a number of others and escaped with the coffer as well. However, these were not the symbols of the New Gods as one would expect to see in Azorius, the Great Kingdom of Man. These symbols were of the Old Gods, and although I do not personally believe in them, I try not to discount others beliefs, and apparently neither does Father Ethan. I think the others were quite surprised to see their Gods being worshiped in a city that has abolished all use of magic and worship of the Old Gods. I even caught Aleeras eye as she was using her magic to restore the destroyed holy relics. I believe she was concerned about my possible reprimanding her but in all honesty I was grateful that she would be so willing to help without any desire for personal gain.

Father Ethan informed us that a worshiper got a good look at the assailant. Turns out the worshiper, Logos was his name, not only got a good look at him but also followed him to his base of operations in the slums. Erol, the barkeep of the Red Dwarf told us the assailant was Seamus who apparently rules the slums. With Logos' help, we were able to return all of the stolen items from Father Ethan, and put Seamus' reign to an end. A very satisfying endeavor for all of us

~ M



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