King Brolan's Stolen Bro (Dolan)

King Brolan's Stolen Bro (Dolan)

Beneath great halls cajolin'
We sought the wise King Brolan
Who's missing brother Dolan
Was recently just stolen
While smithy's hands were mullin'
Began our weight a pullin'
Dark cityways a trollin'
With two kegs of ale rollin'
And while we were a pollin'
Sought aid from friendly solon
With guise of drunks we foolin'
My cohorts here a droolin'
Our set of skills all poolin'
Less chaste members we schoolin'

Our efforts led to Brunun
Lead council he was cruisin’
His rich status, misusin’
The people’s trust, abusin’
Set out to pay a run-in
When we found his lone cabin
His chambers, them perusin’
His neighbor, I amusin’
We got there, now we choosin’
Combat, I thought, too brusin’
The captors, they were snoozin’
Our best to start defusin’
With ruse, I start confusin’
Their captive, they were losin’

No longer stolen,
We returned Dolan
To great King Brolan;
Guards’ heads a-rollin!

~ Seraphine



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