King Brolan's Stolen Bro (Dolan)
King Brolan's Stolen Bro (Dolan)

Beneath great halls cajolin'
We sought the wise King Brolan
Who's missing brother Dolan
Was recently just stolen
While smithy's hands were mullin'
Began our weight a pullin'
Dark cityways a trollin'
With two kegs of ale rollin'
And while we were a pollin'
Sought aid from friendly solon
With guise of drunks we foolin'
My cohorts here a droolin'
Our set of skills all poolin'
Less chaste members we schoolin'

Our efforts led to Brunun
Lead council he was cruisin’
His rich status, misusin’
The people’s trust, abusin’
Set out to pay a run-in
When we found his lone cabin
His chambers, them perusin’
His neighbor, I amusin’
We got there, now we choosin’
Combat, I thought, too brusin’
The captors, they were snoozin’
Our best to start defusin’
With ruse, I start confusin’
Their captive, they were losin’

No longer stolen,
We returned Dolan
To great King Brolan;
Guards’ heads a-rollin!

~ Seraphine

Beneath the Earth
Beneath the Earth

To forgotten ruins from time long ago,
Beneath the earth where dead do not lie,
We traveled forth beyond cursed woe,
Where we hoped we would not die.

Yours truly lead the fearless band,
Despite what lay before,
Saved with the goods I had on hand,
We discovered journeyed lore.

We barely made it back unharmed
From dangers dark and cold.
Melina was the most alarmed
We were wasting her own gold!

~ Seraphine
Oh, Hatchet Wench
Oh, Hatchet Wench!

Take heed, yon listener, and hear me tell
Tread lightly! Should you meet maiden fair,
With axes keen and all too armored well.
Trust me, my friend, on seeing her beware!
Mind not her salted bark;
It is her steely bite to fear.
For approach her on the wrong lark,
And you'll be grinning ear to ear.
Her brash exterior, do not ignore;
For there is nothing worse!
She'll take a swing, and then two more
And add to heavy purse.

What purpose could all that gold leave,
If not to tempt such wouldbe thieves?

~ Seraphine
Heart to Heart
Aleera's aside to Melina

Courtney N. Madison
Aleera approaches Melina during a pause in their journey shortly after the lion attack when Melina is away from the rest of the group. She allows her steps to fall harder as she comes closer, and crouches off to Melina’s right hand side, but still withing her line of sight. “Feeling better?”

Brad V
Melina is busy sharpening her axes in vain hopes that it might make them more effective in hitting something. She tenses just slightly, her shoulders raising just under an inch, as she notices someone approaching. Her head turns just enough to catch the shadow. She then returns to looking at her axe. “Sure as hell ain’t dying,” she replies gruffly.

Courtney N. Madison
Aleera flinches at the obvious commentary on her lack of immediiate response to Melina’s fall. She retracts further into herself and wrapsher arms around her legs, resting her chin on her knee. She opens her mouth to speak, but closes it in lack of knowing how to start. She sighs and tries again, speaking the most she has ever dared in the presence of any of this company. “I know it would seem that I abandoned you in your need in the attack before,” she contunes in a meek voice, “but this is not the case. I would like to explain myself, if you will allow.”

Brad V
Melina physically forces herself to bite her tongue. There’s a hint of red on her teeth when she says, “Go ahead.”

Courtney N. Madison
She retracts more, but shakes herself a little, taking a deep breath before going on.

“I have no qualms with fighting something that is clearly “bad”… “immoral”…. “evil”. There’s sense in defeating that which understands that what they are doing is wrong. There is purpose in dealing death to one that has no reason for their destructive ways other than their own selfish endeavours. Today, I was presented with a decision I have never had to make before. It was not an evil man, or woman of destruction… it was something I have long regarded as a natural coexsisting creature in life."

“As you may or may not know, Druids regard life as a sacred thing. To take a life, be it elf, human, halfiling, animal, or plant, is a weighty thing. We do not do so lightly, and attempt to asses the situation as best as we can in a way that may preserve a life worth allowing to continue. When the lion attacked you, I understood that it did so not in an evil act, but of its own desire to live, unfortunately through your life… not unlike when I took the lives of the poor creatures I have presented to out party to feed on along out journey”

Brad V
Melina places her axes down and turns to Aleera. Her jaw is clenched and all her facial features tight. Her eyes search both the druid and the space around her until they finally settle back down on her.

“‘Evil’ isn’t really a thing that means anything to me. All I know is that when something or someone is trying to kill me, I have to fight back. It’s not about good and evil. It’s about survival. If you think that everything that’s natural is good, you’re going to end up dinner for whatever animal you can’t talk down or whatever the shit that was you were trying to do. Animals gotta eat, and we’re just meat to them.”

Courtney N. Madison
“Well that is the point. In my understanding of their needs, I attempted to utilize by druidic blessings to sway the animals to hault their attack and allow us to leave in peace, with no further bloodshed or death on either side. As a druid of my demeaner, I had to try. I failed in this attempt, for which I am deeply sorry. I will forever be sorry for the further damage done to you in my failure Once I realized it was a fruitless endeavour, however, my single priority was to save your life at any cost. My actions were not meant to be neglect, but to stop the situation. I understand that my ways are not of the norm, and that I may seem calous, but I assure you that I do cherish your life as one of my companions. I am just having a hard time adjusting to the different views of the city dwellers. I understand if you cannot come to accept me with my views as they are, but I hope that through my actions from here on out, you can come to forgive me.”

As she finishes her declaration, she drops her head and takes a deep breath, shaking slightly as she does so.

Brad V
“You talk a lot.” It was out before she could stop it.

She sighs and shakes her head. “Sorry. I get that you were trying to stop it, but just try to weigh your options better next time When someone gets ripped up by an animal, it’s not the time to try to make nice with them. When we’re in those situations, it’s kill or be killed. This isn’t really a new thing for me, nearly dying, but I’d like to avoid it as much as possible.”

Courtney N. Madison
She starts, confused as this is the first time she had been commented as a heavy talker since she left her druid life. She shakes her head in dismissal.

“I understand. I will do my best to make better decisions in the future…”

Brad V
Melina stands and approaches Aleera. She then kneels in front of the druid and places a hand on her shoulder. “Thanks for not letting me die.”

Courtney N. Madison
Aleera looks up at Melina with wide hopeful eyes, and for a moment she feels the youth she fights so hard to hide from her companions. She almost smiles, but thinks better of it.

“For all my faults and confused beliefs… I would never let that happen…. and not simply for the sake of my beliefs.”

She grips Melina’s wrist for a moment in a show of condolence and desire of a renewed friendship in the future. She is well aware that today is not that day, and so she rises to venture off from the group to find food for the company.

To Dwarven Cave We Rode (part one)
To Dwarven Cave We Rode

Back to the sewers with awful stench
With good ole knight and hatchet wench
We met old Nigel, fingers small
Who carried on with orders tall
But least we turn away unsold
I bargained us some upfront gold
And then the thieves saw wagon load
Foretold what lurked in mother lode
So to the cave we traveled hence
Our breeches tight for recompense

Our party five did grow in two
With new members from Nigel’s crew
Faces unknown, we welcomed them
In blackened clothes and leather hem.
But just before the party went
We all made sure Mel bought a tent
Her weighted purse always dragging
Her cheapskate friends always bragging
And with one final shopping trip
The next morning, did town we skip

Through fields and plain we gallantly
Rode across golden wheat filled sea
Our days spent quiet journeying
My days annoyingly rhyming
Until one night we stopped to rest
Where creatures tried to take the best
The fighter and her tent thus scratched
Stirred wicked rage, down came the hatch’!
Poor druid mourned the now, dead cat
But we returned to sleep now fat!

~ Seraphine

Knight's Journal: Disquieting Thoughts and United Faiths
24 Winters Bane

After talking with Nigel Nimblefingers of the Shifty Daggers and learning about the possible corruption of Azorius, I spent several days investigating this claim. To my dismay I discovered there may be some merit to Nimblefingers' allegation. Although it was never blatantly stated, I was able to determine Hillbottoms greed would provide the exact services a corrupt councilman would require to push through his own agenda.

Mideon, an older gentleman who spends his time searching for merfolk down by the wharf, told me about 10 months ago, there was in incident in the docking area by the Trading Co. Mideon said that before there was a dock, there was a wall that lead to the storage area. Pineus and 2 other individuals were seen entering the wall carrying some kind of light that did not emanate from torches. They disappeared into the wall, so Mideon says. Magic is strictly outlawed in Azorius and that is the only way I know how Pineus and and the others would be able to perform such a feat. This is most troubling and I must learn more. Sadly, as Mideon is seen by this community as a loon, I cannot rely on his information alone. I must find solid evidence regarding Pineus' guilt before proceeding.

While investigating I figure I can be of use here, as Captain Dupree seems to be short handed with many of his guards being deployed and stationed away from Azorius. On one particular incident thus far, I'm very grateful to have had the help of my fellow travelers as I'm sure I would not have succeeded on my own, and I hope this may have bridged our faiths.

Father Ethan and 2 of this fellow priests were attacked in broad daylight. The attacker destroyed many holy symbols, stole a number of others and escaped with the coffer as well. However, these were not the symbols of the New Gods as one would expect to see in Azorius, the Great Kingdom of Man. These symbols were of the Old Gods, and although I do not personally believe in them, I try not to discount others beliefs, and apparently neither does Father Ethan. I think the others were quite surprised to see their Gods being worshiped in a city that has abolished all use of magic and worship of the Old Gods. I even caught Aleeras eye as she was using her magic to restore the destroyed holy relics. I believe she was concerned about my possible reprimanding her but in all honesty I was grateful that she would be so willing to help without any desire for personal gain.

Father Ethan informed us that a worshiper got a good look at the assailant. Turns out the worshiper, Logos was his name, not only got a good look at him but also followed him to his base of operations in the slums. Erol, the barkeep of the Red Dwarf told us the assailant was Seamus who apparently rules the slums. With Logos' help, we were able to return all of the stolen items from Father Ethan, and put Seamus' reign to an end. A very satisfying endeavor for all of us

~ M
Note to Seraphine


While you were out doing whatever it is Halflings do, there was a break-in at the old church. Seeing as how this wasn’t the slums and people cared about the church, a reward was promptly posted to investigate and catch those responsible, which we took. After re-visiting and investigating the church, which was much more pleasant this time around even with the break-in, we tracked the thieving vandal to the slums where he was holed up with his goons in a safe house. Oh yes, a monk going by the name of Logos was with us, he felt he owed the church for letting him stay the night, can’t forget him. To make a short story shorter, we fought our way through the house, and now the slums have one less vandal group running about. The stolen items were returned, we were paid, and Logos told us all a very sad story about some horde invading his homelands. I’ll tell you more when you get back.


Questions asked regarding the state of Azorius

These are the questions and the DC checks that Marshall, Melina and Seraphine are asking regarding possible corruption in the city. If anyone wants to add any other people or questions, let me know

Gather info +8, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +10

Bartender at Sleepy Dragon-
19 Gather info:How do you like the city/how do you like the people?
14 Gather info:Any recent changes?
18 Gather info:Any word on the King?
24 Diplomacy:What about Silas?
27 Gather info:What about counsel members?
27 Diplomacy:What about Pineus?
26 Diplomacy:Any other people you think would have any info? (Ask them same questions in same way)

Captain Mormont-
13 Gather info:How is the city/people?
12 Gather info:Any recent changes?
10 Gather info:News on King?
12 Diplomacy:Info on Silas?
22 Gather info:Info on counsel members?
26 Diplomacy:Business and goings on of Frontier Trading Co? Anything suspicious?
27 Diplomacy:Info regarding Pineus?

Bartender at Red Dwarf-
19 Diplomacy:Whats Silas like?
17 Diplomacy:What are the counsel members like?
28 Diplomacy:Any suspicious business with the Frontier Trading Co?
21 Diplomacy:Whats the scoop with Pineus?
25 Diplomacy:Anyone else you think I should talk to? (Ask them same questions in same way)

Poorer Looking Farmer-
22 Diplomacy:Hows the city?
26 Diplomacy:Thoughts on Frontier Trading Co/Silas?
20 Diplomacy:Feelings towards counsel?
15 Diplomacy:Feelings towards Pineus?

Stable Hand-
25 Diplomacy:Hows the city?
23 Diplomacy:Thoughts on Frontier Trading Co/Silas?
16 Diplomacy:Feelings towards counsel?
23 Diplomacy:Feelings towards Pineus?

(Depending on the info I get regarding Silas, Trading Co, Pineus, and counsel)
23 Intimidate:Real business of Frontier Trading Co
28 Intimidate:Real business with counsel
21 Intimidate:Real business with Pineus


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